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February 2021



Slamdance Series: Chef Giants

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Our Slamdance 2021 coverage kicks off! Delighted to welcome Ethan Dirks and Troy DeWinne to talk about their indie fantasy animation Chef Giants, which is premiering as part of the episodes block on February 12th. Chef Giants is the proof-of-concept for their full series Gobble, a delightfully strange musical odyssey that follows two goblins who want to be pop stars.


Troy and Ethan also illustrated all 145 Slamdance filmmakers for an animated virtual party, which you can check out here: https://chefgiants.com/party


Troy & Ethan talk about their creative process, the marginalization of goblins in popular culture,   and the importance of giving virtual festivals a sense of connective tissue. Ian really appreciates the way that Chef Giants helps emphasize the vital role of community in the filmmaking experience.

Slamdance tickets are on sale now for $10, which you can purchase here: https://slamdance.com/festival-passes/

You can follow Ethan on Instagram, @ethan_dirks, and Troy, @dewinnethepooh


Images courtesy of Ethan Dirks and Troy DeWinne.

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