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February 2021



Constantine Venetopoulos, director of Draw With Me

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Today we welcome Constantine Venetopoulos to the show to talk about his new short documentary, Draw With Me. The film follows the coming out journey of nonbinary teen Brendon Scholl, with appearances by Brendon’s aunt Jennifer Lopez and President Joe Biden. Draw With Me was featured at the first ever panel on transgender health at the United Nations and is an Official Oscar Entry for the Documentary Short category.

Draw With Me is an excellent resource especially for parents looking for resources to support their trans children. Constantine & Ian discuss the complicated family dynamics that can surface after coming out and the contrasts between America’s growing acceptance of LGBTQ people against the backdrop of the Trump administration.

You can view the trailer for Draw With Me here: https://vimeo.com/450714908






Film poster courtesy of Ithaka Films. Headshot courtesy of Constantine Venetopoulos