Ian Thomas Malone

A Connecticut Yogi in King Joffrey's Court

About ITM

“Ian Thomas Malone is a bright young voice in American letters.  Her smart, witty and original take on American college life will resonate with his generation…and mine!”
– Paul Levine, author “State vs. Lassiter”

Ian Thomas Malone is an author, transgender activist, and yogi from Greenwich, CT. She is a graduate of Boston College, where she founded The Rock at Boston College. Ian has published thousands of articles on a variety of subjects. Her favorite things to share on social media are pictures of her golden retriever Georgie and her collection of stuffed animals.

Ian believes firmly that “there’s more to life than books you know, but not much more,” a quote from her hero Morrissey. When she’s not reading, writing, or teaching yoga, she can probably be found in a pool playing water polo. She aspires to move to the Hundred Acre Wood someday, though she hopes it has wi-fi by then.

Interview requests and general inquiries can be sent to ianthomasmalone@gmail.com

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