Ian Thomas Malone



August 2020



Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Grab your Switch and your Nook Miles Tickets because we are going island hopping! Join ITM & special guest Nat Sowinski, comedian, organizer and coauthor of Pokey the Penguin, for a wide-ranging discussion on life in everyone’s favorite quasi-capitalistic utopia.

Ian & Nat tackle the broader philosophical questions that ACNH. Are Tom Nook & Redd former lovers? Is Isabelle a neoliberal? Why doesn’t Dodo Airlines chart mystery islands for return visits? What is Gulliver(varrr)’s deal? All of that and more! 

You can follow Nat on Twitter @nuns_on_film

Be sure to check out Pokey the Penguin’s latest adventures by checking out Pokey’s website https://www.yellow5.com/pokey/ & @pokeythepenguin


Cover image courtesy of Nintendo