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December 2020



TTTE & Chill: Thomas’ Snowy Surprise

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Holiday themed TTTE & Chill! Join Ian & Tarabelle for a trip to the Island of Sodor for a bunch of snowy shenanigans. Percy’s driver abandons him on a siding to be covered in ice, while Skarloey’s crew roughs it out inside the igloo. Why didn’t Terence get to come to Mrs. Kyndly’s Christmas party? How is he supposed to watch over her house? All of that and more!

This tape covers the following episodes: 


  • It’s Only Snow
  • Jack Frost
  • Toby Had a Little Lamb
  • Snow
  • Thomas’ Christmas Party
  • Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree
  • Winter Wonderland (Music Video)

**Note** We chose this tape over earlier Christmas’ features as this one does not contain duplicate episodes that TTTE & Chill has already covered or is about to cover.

VHS image courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment