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December 2020



The Slutcracker

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We are delighted to continue our holiday coverage with a panel discussion on a Boston holiday staple: The Slutcracker, joined by creator/artistic director Vanessa White, performer Jolie LaVie, stage crew Rae Mansfield & makeup artist Sparklle T. Due to covid restrictions, The Slutcracker will make its on-screen debut with Slutcracker: The Movie, available now. Vanessa and the Slutcracker talent share plenty of behind the scenes stories and talk at length about the importance of bringing inclusion to the world of ballet.

To learn more about The Slutcracker: The Movie and where to rent the film, check out their website http://www.slutcracker.com/.

Be sure to follow the official Slutcracker pages, @slutcracker on Instagram & Facebook




Images courtesy of The Slutcracker