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September 2020



Michael Hurst

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We are delighted to welcome Michael Hurst to the show for a wide-ranging discussion of his illustrious career. Michael is best remembered for playing Iolaus on Hercules: The Legendary Journey’s & Xena: Warrior Princess, and for his directorial work on shows like Spartacus and Ash vs. Evil Dead. Ian & Michael talk at length about the influence that Hercules has had on the fantasy genre, opening the door for dozens of shows that followed.

Michael recently appeared in the New Zealand production Dead, a hilarious and tender buddy cop comedy. Dead premieres on virtual cinemas on September 25th, with a VOD release on October 6th. Full of LGBTQ themes and making great use of the beautiful New Zealand landscape, Dead is a perfect choice for pandemic viewing.

Ian’s review of Dead: https://ianthomasmalone.com/2020/09/dead-is-a-hilarious-buddy-cop-comedy-with-a-ton-of-heart/



Headshot courtesy of Michael Hurst. Film poster courtesy of 1091 Pictures.

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