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July 2020




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Today we are joined by Gabriel Furman and Javier Molina, writer and director of the short film Wonder. Wonder has been a favorite on the festival circuit, winning awards at Outfest, RiverRun, and the Oxford Film Festival among many others. The film follows Sammy, a gender nonconforming child who wishes to dress as Wonder Woman for Halloween, a desire that causes some stress in his father Frank (played by Furman).

Gabriel and Javier share many insights into the filmmaking process, including the extensive work that went into portraying LGBTQ issues sensitively and authentically. Their film is a valuable addition to the broader conversation surrounding LGBTQ representation on screen.

Wonder is available on HBO, including its services HBO Max and HBO Now

To learn more about the film and its cast & crew, check out their website https://www.realtalkfilms.com/wonder

You can also follow their Instagram page @wondertheshort

Ian’s review of Wonder: https://ianthomasmalone.com/2019/07/wonder-explores-the-unique-challenges-presented-to-gender-diverse-youth/

Poster credit: Kristin Zahra