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December 2021



Archie Kao – Christmas at the Ranch

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We are delighted to kick off our holiday coverage with Archie Kao, star of the new film Christmas at the Ranch from Tello Films. Archie is also known to international audiences for his roles on shows such as Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Chicago P.D.

Archie & Ian talk about Christmas at the Ranch’s thoroughly inclusive LGBTQ narrative, Archie’s experiences making the film, and an extended conversation on Lost Galaxy bound to delight fans of our Power Rangers coverage. Christmas at the Ranch is a great addition to the holiday genre, perfect for a cozy weekend afternoon. 



You can learn more about Christmas at the Ranch here: https://www.tellofilms.com/products/christmas-at-the-ranch

Ian’s review of the film: https://ianthomasmalone.com/2021/12/christmas-at-the-ranch-brings-an-inclusive-touch-to-the-holiday-genre/

Christmas at the Ranch still/poster courtesy of Christin Baker/Tello Films.

Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy still courtesy of Saban Films.