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March 2021



Lord Varys: A Transgender Perspective

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Grab your lavender and your little birds, we’re going to Westeros. Join Ian for a solo episode all about Lord Varys. As someone who knows what it’s like to lose their balls, Ian feels a kindred connection to the Spider. For his talent, George R.R. Martin often portrays Varys in an exceedingly cartoonish fashion that plays into homophobic stereotypes. Join for a close reading of many of Varys’ key passages.


This episode will cover the following chapters:


A Game of Thrones

  • Catelyn IV
  • Eddard IV
  • Eddard V
  • Eddard VII
  • Eddard VIII
  • Eddard XI
  • Eddard XII
  • Eddard XIV
  • Sansa IV
  • Eddard XV
  • Tyrion IX


A Clash of Kings

  • Tyrion I
  • Tyrion II
  • Tyrion III
  • Tyrion IV
  • Tyrion VI
  • Tyrion VIII
  • Tyrion IX
  • Tyrion X
  • Tyrion XII
  • Sansa VIII


A Storm of Swords

  • Sansa I
  • Tyrion II
  • Tyrion III
  • Davos IV
  • Tyrion IX
  • Tyrion X
  • Tyrion XI


A Feast for Crows

  • Cersei I
  • Jaime I
  • Cersei IV
  • Jaime III

A Dance with Dragons

  • Tyrion I
  • Tyrion II
  • Tyrion IV
  • The Lost Lord
  • Epilogue

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